Head office in Russia, Saint-Petersburg +7 (812) 329-01-99

E-mail: steklo@akma.spb.ru

Phone: +7 (812) 329-01-99

Address: Gruzovoy Proyezd 23, St. Petsersburg

Wholesale Department of architectural glass +7 (812) 329-38-32

E-mail: chernov@akma.spb.ru

Phone: +7 (812) 329-38-32

Address: Gruzovoy Proyezd 23, St. Petsersburg

Wholesale Department of finished goods +7 (812) 329-80-90

E-mail: doors@akma.spb.ru

Phone: +7 (812) 329-80-90

Address: Gruzovoy Proyezd 23, St. Petsersburg

International cooperation Department +7 (921) 758-31-55

E-mail: fardis@akma.spb.ru

Phone: +7 (921) 758-31-55

Address: Gruzovoy Proyezd 23, St. Petsersburg


  • 1991
    LLC "AKMA" was founded
    The key activity was development and implementation of automatic enterprise management systems, mainly for glass factories
  • 1992
    First sales department was created
    First sales department was created
  • 1993
    The creation of the unified electronic system of documents circulation and accounting of goods
    Employees in our programming department implemented unified electronic system of documents circulation and accounting of goods The creation of the unified electronic system of documents circulation and accounting of goods
  • 1994
    Reconstruction of administrative building
    Warehouse building was put into operation and reconstruction of administrative building was carried out
  • 1995
    Creation of delivery service, expansion of the market share
    Creation of delivery service, expansion of the market share
  • 1996
    Reconstruction was carried out, first manufacturing facility was built
    AKMA converts from distributor of glass product into a glass processing company.
  • 1997
    Creation of marketing department
    To enter new markets of processed glass, marketing department was formed.
  • 1998
    First in the North-West region line for insulating glass construction (from the Austrian company LISEC) was put into operation
  • 1999
    “Akma” becomes the first representative of Saint-Gobain in the North-West region of Russiabain на Северо - Западе России
    We concluded a contract with a multinational glass enterprise Saint-Gobain for the supply of glass.
  • 1999
    AKMA insulating glass which is made of energy-saving glass was recognized as best in Russia by thermophysical index
    This is confirmed by RAACS (Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences) certificate
  • 2000
    AKMA puts in use modern equipment for processing, boring execution of bevel on glass and mirrors
    We have mastered the German technology of gluing “glass+glass”, “glass+metal”. AKMA set up the production of difficult insulating glass with bent spacer, which is used in railway transport.
  • 2001
    Reconstruction and launch of new manufacturing facility for glass processing
    We installed new glass cutters and equipment for production of insulating glass.
  • 2002
    Glass room opening
    "AKMA" started the production of finished goods.
  • 2003
    Construction of a new workshop. AKMA commissioned furnaces for horizontal tempering of flat glass Kera Glass

    "AKMA" started the production of tempered glass.

    By the end of the year LLC “AKMA” was awarded the prize from experts of the program "Public Recognition" for the achievement in the formation of professional reputation.

  • 2004
    We started the production of interior doors with the use of new equipment for engraving on glass planes
    Commissioned new roller coating machine for single layer coating with ceramic ink of clear or tinted glass. The company established the production of enamels (stemalites) and ecosatinate / development of LLC "AKMA"/
  • 2005
    “AKMA” received Dov Corning's certificate confirming the company's qualification in production of insulating glass for structural glazing
    We implemented our first project in St. Petersburg - a business center on Parkhomenko 10.
  • 2006
    Automated line for tempering of curved glass was put in use

    The furnace for Heat Soak Test was installed.

    We retooled with new equipment for processing and cutting of glass, acquired new automating storage system, and glass cutting table “Jumbo”

  • 2007
    Hi-tech equipment for production of laminated architectural or decorative glass was put into operation
  • 2008
    Hi-tech digital printer GlassJet was put into operation
    Printer applies ceramic ink that are then fired or tempered to fuse the ink with the glass. This results in high resolution, full color image.
  • 2009
    AKMA put into operation Mimiaki printer (produced in Japan) which prints with UV-ink that dry immediately when exposed to UV-light

    AKMA becomes a participant of the largest building project in Russia (MIBC “Moscow City”).

    The company mastered production of glass with images printed using ceramic inks. This new technology, was used to decorate the lobby of the St. Petersburg metro station "Obvodny canal".

  • 2010
    AKMA entered a new market of finished goods. Glass furniture from AKMA appeared in the leading chains of shops
    “M-video”, “Eldorado”, “Telemax”, “Tehnosila”as well as internet shops “Ulmart” and “RiC”.
  • 2011
    “AKMA” started to supply glass for high-speed trains “Sapsan”

    Our insulating glass can withstand colossal vibration load and has high strength: glass can withstand impact of 500 j with the stone.

    New projects: decoration of the interior of the largest banks in Russia - “Sberbank” and “Bank Saint Petersburg”.

  • 2012
    In August we opened second manufacturing facility for insulating glass production
    Products manufactured there where used in building of business-park “Polustrovo” (business-center “Benua”, “Theorem”, “Four Seasons”).
  • 2013
    In June we put into use anther new workshop for glass processing.
    LLC “AKMA” consolidates its leading positions in glass business in Russia.
  • 2014
    New stadium “Otkritie Arena” in Moscow, which uses our products, opens for first visitors
    Business Center “Lotos” which uses our insulating glass is rented out.
  • 2015
    The work with the first Russian center of oceanography and marine biology “Mosvarium” was successfully finished and the site is open to visitors
    LLC “AKMA” is chosen as a supplier of glass for “Nagatino I-Land” the largest business park in Moscow.
  • 2016
    The company celebrates its 25th anniversary opening a new page in its history.
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