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Doors for baths and saunas

Table with door sizes

Door series Symbolic size Doorway size, mm. Size of a door frame. Size of a glass panel
(clear) (with spacers)
Standard 690*1890 700*1900 686*1871 686*1890 620*1835
Small series
(non-standard door sizes)
590*1790 600*1800 586*1771 586*1790 520*1735
690*1790 700*1800 686*1771 686*1790 620*1735
690*1990 700*2000 686*1971 686*1990 620*1935
790*1890 800*1900 786*1871 786*1890 720*1835
790*1990 800*2000 786*1971 786*1990 720*1935

You can order a full package of services, that includes:

- measuring;
- manufacturing;
- delivery;
- installation.

All the work is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Prices for installation, delivery and measurer call

Do you want to buy a glass door for a bath or a sauna? Making the right choice…

Nowadays there is huge range of opportunities for buying different glass doors for baths or saunas. Although the design of the door is a purely subjective decision, how the door is made and from which materials has a direct effect on its service life. Sauna has a certain microclimate and the glass door and its components must be resistant to it.

Lets consider the main elements of glass doors.

Wooden door frame
A door frame is one of the most important elements of the door, as it is the primary construction that holds the door, the durability of the door is directly dependant on the quality of the door frame. The best types of wood for our purposes are aspen or linden (in budgetary models pine can be used). Door frames made of this wood don't decay or mold, they also do not heat up and therefore do not burn the skin. When heated they exude a pleasant aroma and have some healing properties. In addition wood is a very enduring material.

Door frame should be about 40-42 mm thick and 70-72 mm in depth. Larger door frames cost more and can be inconvenient to install. Unusually shaped door frames are more susceptible to deformation under the influence of an aggressive environment created in saunas, so their choice should be treated with caution.

When manufacturing specialized furniture for glass doors, high-strength materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or brass should be used. An important quality in sauna accessories is their resistance to a warm and moist environment. It is recommended that the furniture is coated with something, for example anodized.

Door handle
The best handles for saunas are manufactured from beech, ash or oak (aspen and linden can also be used). On the other hand the handle made from soft porous wood will not serve you for long, it will quickly loosen up and become unusable.

Door panel
The most important factor affecting the durability and safety of the product is the quality raw materials and the way it was manufactured. First of all, it is necessary to choose a tempered glass panels, it is safe to operate, and has increased strength characteristics. The thickness of the door panel should be 6-8 mm.

Our glass door standards

“AKMA” has been manufacturing glass doors for baths and saunas for over 10 years. Accumulated experience allows us to offer our customers high-quality products made from proven-over-time materials.
Glass doors for baths and saunas made by “AKMA” are constantly subjected to quality control during the production, furniture for the doors is specially designed and meets all of the necessary requirements, door frame and a handle are made of solid wood and last for a long time. We provide wide range of designer models or we can manufacture a door according to your individual design.

Glass doors from "AKMA" are:

- products manufactured at one of the first and largest productions in Russia;
- mandatory incoming quality control of raw materials;
- tempered door glass panels with obligatory presence of hardened decals "AKMA Tempered";
- frosted glass of chemical etching means it is unpretentious in operation and easy to clean;
-the largest selection of decorated door glass panels;
- warranty from the manufacturer.

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