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Insulating glass (double glazing)

 архитектурные стеклопакеты  Общестроительные стеклопакеты  Транспортное остекление.jpg
 Glass for

“AKMA” manufactures all types of insulating glass ranging from basic single-chamber and double-chamber IGUs for construction to technically difficult such as architectural, electrically heated, burglar-resistant and bullet-proof IGUs.

There are 6 automatic IGU production lines (with modern equipment from "Lisec" and “Bystronic” companies) situated on the territory of the plant. Total production capacity can reach 6000 IGUs a day.

Insulating glass — is a sealed unit, that consist of 2 or more glass sheets, glued together with a special sealant with the spacer between them.

Architectural IGUs
 Construction IGUs

Insulating glass units and mounted directly onto the facade. Primary used for glazing of commercial buildings.

 The glass unit is mounted in a window frame (plastic / wood / aluminum). It’s majorly used for glazing of residential buildings.
It has a sophisticated structure and include tempered glass, laminated glass, colored glass, enamelite, electrically heated glass within the insulating glass unit as well as fastening elements. The unit is made of two or three (depending on the number of chambers) usually monolithic glass sheets.

Diagram of an insulating glass unit

  Схема архитектурного стеклопакета
 Схема общестроительного стеклопакета
1. Metallic coating (energy efficiency and design)
2. Printings on the glass (design)
3. Laminated glass (safety)
4. Spacer (energy efficiency)
5. PVB/EVA/Sentry Glas interlayer film for glass lamination (safety, noise protection, design)
6. Assembly insert (element of assembly system)
7. Sealant (is responsible for the integrity of the unit)
1. Glass
2. Spacer (energy efficiency)
3. Desiccant
4. Internal sealant
5. External sealant (is responsible for the integrity of the unit)

Decoration of insulating glass

 Полноцветная печать.png  Шелкография.png  Эмалит.png
Digital printing
 Silks-screen printing
 Roller printing (enamelite)

Laminated glass within an insulating glass unit

The use of laminated glass as a part of insulating glass unit significantly expands its functionality. "AKMA" produces the following types of isulating glass:

 Ударостойкий стеклопакет  Взломостойкий стеклопакет  Пулестойкий стеклопакет  Взрывостойкий стеклопакет
 Электрообогреваемый стеклопакет  Звукоизоляционный стеклопакет  Стеклопакет со смарт-стеклом  Огнестойкий стеклопакет
heated IGU

insulating IGU
Insulating glass made with
For more information about the characteristics of glass you can read Laminated glass (triplex) section or calling us on: +7(812) 329-01-99.

Types of glass that can be used within insulating glass units:

- colorless float-glass;
- energy-efficient Glass;
- solar control glass (multifunctional);
- sun-protection glass ;
- tinted glass;
- reflective glass

Depending on the glass used, the insulating glass unit may have the corresponding functionality. It will maintain a comfortable indoor climate and aesthetic effect.

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