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Laminated glass (triplex)

Триплекс в шапку.jpg

Manufacture of laminated glass is one of our main production directions. “AKMA” produces laminated glass using modern equipment and raw materials from the best world brands: Guardian (USA), Saint-Gobain (France) and AGC (Japan / Russia).

Laminated glass is a glass product created from 2 or more glass sheets glued together with special laminating films.

Structural design

  Триплекс, ламинированное стекло
  Триплекс, моллированный триплекс, изогнутый триплекс, безопасное стекло
  Стеклопакет, ламинированное стекло, безопасное стекло
  Моллированный стеклопакет, стеклопакет с безопасным стеклом, изогнутый стеклопакет
  Триплекс со вставками для скрытого монтажа, безопасное остекление
Laminated glass
within insulating
glass unit
Laminated glass
within curved
insulating glass unit
Laminated glass with
construction inserts

Main characteristics of laminated glass

  Сохранение целостности изделия из триплекса при разрушении   Высокая прочность изделий из триплекса
Holds together when shattered
(laminating film holds pieces of glass creating “spider web” pattern)
  Increased strength characteristics

"AKMA" produces the following types of laminated glass

Product Protection class according to standard Function Usage
Laminated glass (safety glass) СМ1 - СМ4 It is resistant to an impact by a soft body weighing 45 kg without penetrating through. Structures which come in contact with men: fences and partitions, shopwindows and transport glazing, glass doors and entrance group. Glass resists the external pressure applied to it and prevents drop outs
Impact-resistant laminated glass P1A-P5A Glass is resistant to 3 hits with a steel ball weighing 4 kg. P5A: 9 hits with a steel ball without penetration Glazing for facades of buildings, transport windshields, objects that do not have significant material values and are under security (food stores, restaurants, bars, offices, offices, production facilities).
Burglar-resistant laminated glass P6B-P8B Glass can withstands multiple mechanical hits without the formation of holes, through which a person can get in (from 30 to 200 hits with a hammer or an axe). Protection against intrusion into premises through glass constructions: shop windows, windows and entrance groups of shops, banks, apartments, etc.
Bullet-resistant laminated glass C1, Br1-Br6 Resistant to penetration by bullets of certain types of firearms and ammunition. Glass is designed for municipal buildings and areas of increased security; the designated security zones of transport terminals; bank premises; police stations and other facilities where there is a threat of firearm usage.
Explosion-resistant laminated glass ER1-ER4 (SB1-SB7, EXV45-EXV10) Reduces the effect of a shock wave and prevents damage by glass fragments. Places where there is a possibility of explosion.
Noise insulating laminated glass Not less then 35 dB Suppression of external noise to a required level with the help of a special sound-absorbing layer. Premises where there is a need for noise insulation: premises situated close to high traffic density areas, night clubs, internal partitions of premises, large area of glazing.
Fireproof laminated glass Е15, Е30, Е45 Glass is resistant to the impact of fire and prevents the spread within a certain time before the loss of its integrity. Protection of ways for evacuation; preventing the spread of fire; protection of people's lives and property; combination of aesthetics and safety.
Electrically heated laminated glass Can be manufactured in accordance with protection classes: СМ1-СМ4, Р1А-Р5А, Р6В-Р8В, С1, Br1-Br6, ER1-ER4 (SB1-SB7, EXV45-EXV10) Glass resistance depends on the chosen protection class. Glass is covered with a special conducting coating which carries out functions of a heating element, with its help glass can be heated to a specified temperature. It is used for roof glazing and glazing of other horizontal surfaces (prevention of icing and formation of snow caps); creation a comfortable microclimate in the room that has a large area of glazing; prevention of fogging and condensation; transport glazing.
Laminated glass Centry Glas® Can be manufactured in accordance with protection classes: СМ1-СМ4, Р1А-Р5А, Р6В-Р8В, С1, Br1-Br6, ER1-ER4 (SB1-SB7, EXV45-EXV10) Glass resistance depends on the chosen protection class. However it is much lighter and thinner then analogues that were made using other laminating films. Objects which require glass with increased strength property but lower weight: floors, glass elements for pools, roofs, fences, ladders, glass structures in places with an increased hurricane danger.

An example of the laminated glass with high degree of protection within insulating glass unit

Puleneprobivayemoye steklo tripleks.jpg

Decorating laminated glass

 Полноцветная печать.png  Шелкография.png  Эмалит.png  Цветной триплекс.png  Декоративные вставки.png

Roller printing

laminated glass
Laminated glass with
decorative insertions

The value of laminated glass, its optical and physical propeties are determined by the number of layers and the type of film which is being used. Company «AKMA» offers wide range of products made out of laminated glass for order of its own production with thickness from 4 mm to 120 mm (bulletproof laminated glass).

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